Vendor : Contract No :
Vendee : Time of Contract Conclusion :
1) Both parties reach an agreement to order the following goods
Band Model Amount Remarks
Total Amount :  
2) Assure the quality of products as well as the delivery time upon the request of buyer.

3) Inspection : according to the quality standard of producer.

4) Package and carriage forward.

5) Delivery Method : A) Air B) Rail C)ExpressDelivery D) Speed Post

6) Method of settlement: Advance payment

7) Place of Delivery

8) Penalty Clause: Both parties shall compromise upon breach of contract. Contract Law would be applied upon ineffective negotiation.applied if a complete agreement was out of reach.upon ineffective negotiation.

9) Both parties shall compromise on the matters beyond scope of this contract.

10) This contract is bipartite, each kept by the parties who signed. This contract becomes effective from the date of payment on.

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